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Category: General Pests

4 Top Bug Eating Plants To Keep Around The House

4 top bug eating plants to keep around the house

Carnivorous plants are one of nature’s most intriguing creations. These plants have evolved best fitting their environment’s typical nutrient-deficient soils, such as those found in swamps, bogs, or heaths. Their evolution has introduced many different types of bugs, rats, mice, and other small animals to their diet. These plants have become the perfect traps for their prey, letting their next meal in but making it impossible to get out. Each plant brings its unique way to entice and capture its…

How To Keep Out House Flies

The Musca domestica, also known as the Housefly, is by its name suggests, the most common fly found in or around homes. House flies believed to be nuisance pests flying around and making buzzing noises on your windows are actually transporters of many different diseases. Many of these diseases come from the house flies’ unhygienic habits, diet, and breeding. With millions of infestations a year and being one of the most common nuisance pests out there, many look for easy…

What Happens When an Ant Queen Dies

What happens when an ant queen dies

Ant colonies are biologically programmed to have strict roles for each member of their colony. With upwards of 100,000 in a single nest, that structure is vital to their survival. This complex system divides nests into three different roles, queen, breeders, workers. Queen ants are born typically when a colony is reaching max population and are born with wings as when they are mature, a queen will fly off to start their colony. After breeding, they shed their wings and…