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With Blue Beetle, flea and tick infestations don’t stand a chance! We’ve been eradicating pests in Kansas City since 2003.

Has Spot been itchy lately? Fleas are so small you can hardly see them, but they’re a very big problem. It only takes six weeks for one flea on your pet to turn into one million fleas in your home. Just treating your pet isn’t enough as 95% of the flea population lives in carpet and grass. Aside from the fact that fleas survive on the blood of your pets, they spread harmful diseases to both pets and people.

Flea control is a battle. It takes a combination of treating your pet, treating your home, and finding the source to prevent future infestations.  There are multiple ways fleas can be brought into your home:

Bringing home used furniture or carpet with fleas
Rodents can carry fleas into your home
Untreated pets can bring in fleas from outside or from other pets while being boarded

Flea Treatments For Your Home

Using a combination of a quick-knockdown spray and an Insect Growth Regulator, our flea treatments eliminate the live fleas in your home and stop new hatchlings from reproducing. We’ll finish off the treatment with a pet-friendly barrier granular around the outside of your home to prevent any outside fleas from getting in during the process.

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How to Prepare for a Home Flea Treatment

Print your Flea Treatment checklist here (PDF)

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