Bed Bug Spray Treatments
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Along with our Bed Bug Heat Treatment, we also offer a spray solution. Our spray treatments require much less preparation than a heat treatment, but the treatment process is much longer. Retreats are required every two weeks and depending on the level of infestation, can take up to two months for total elimination. However, with patience and excellent preparation, spray bed bug treatments are a budget-friendly solution that do work.

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How it Works? 

Bed bugs hide within a 15 foot radius of where you sleep or sit the most. In the middle of the night is when they leave their hiding places for a blood meal. As they travel to you, they’re picking up the spray on their feet. When they return to their hiding place, they lick themselves clean and ingest the particles. Bed bugs only have to feed every seven days, and we have to wait for the eggs before the spray will affect them as well. This is why a spray treatment can be such a long process.

Preparing For a Bed Bug Spray Treament 

How well you prepare for your spray bed bug treatment will determine how long it takes for total elimination.

Print Your Spray Treatment Checklist Here (PDF)

Remove all linens from beds and set mattresses and box springs on their sides.
Launder bedding and clothing, especially those that are on the floor, on the highest heat setting. Clean clothes hanging up or in drawers do not need to be washed or moved.
After washing clothing and bedding, seal them in trash bags and leave them in the kitchen or bathroom.
Remove all clutter from the floors.
Clear closet floors and shelving.
Pull furniture about 6 inches away from baseboards.
Remove light switch and outlet covers.

For Same-Day Bed Bug Elimination, See Our Heat Treatment

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