Termite Services
For Your Business

Here at Blue Beetle, we understand the importance of pest and termite protection for businesses and multi-family properties. Don’t wait until termites have already damaged your property to start protecting it. We offer multiple prevention and treatment options at an affordable cost.

Whole Building Treatments

Subterranean termites colonize about two feet underground. When we do a treatment, we’ll trench about 12 inches down up against the foundation of the home, and inject a premium termiticide straight into the dirt. On concrete, we’ll drill small ½ inch holes about 12 inches apart and inject the chemical straight into the dirt underneath the concrete.

We’ll fill up any trenches with the original dirt/mulch, cork drilled holes and fill them with liquid concrete. Our technicians always do the very best they can to return the landscape back to its original condition.

As termites are traveling from the building back to the colony, they’ll pick up the chemical and return it to the nest. Since termites are such social insects, the pesticide will be spread throughout the colony like a virus, eliminating them one by one all the way up to the queen.

The building will be covered under a one-year service agreement, that can be renewed annually at a low cost.

Spot Treatments

Spot treatments consist of a premium termiticide treatment to any 10 foot section of the building foundation. While this can be effective if the termites have only targeted one area of the building, it can get pricey if multiple spot treatments need to be done. The most effective option would be to treat the entire building.

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Termite Bait Stations

Termite bait stations hold small pieces of wood. We’ll place these about 10 feet apart surrounding the foundation of the building and inspect/service them for you quarterly. If the technician finds any termite activity he’ll alert you immediately and suggest treatment. Treatment costs are not included in bait station pricing.

Please note these bait stations are not a guaranteed way to prevent termites. Termites forage randomly and don’t necessary “detect” wood. With such a large gap between bait stations, it’s possible the termites can trail in between them, straight to the building. For guaranteed protection we do suggest either a whole building preventative treatment, or a termite bond.

Annual Termite Bonds

If you’re looking for year-long protection against termites for your ENTIRE property, we offer annual termite bonds. We’ll do an exterior inspection of each building on site and any spot treatments necessary, then you’re covered for an entire year’s worth of inspections and spot treatments free of charge. Renew the bond yearly to continue the protection.

Pre-Construction Treatments

We can prevent termites in a building before the building is even there! Our pre-construction treatments consist of a premium termiticide powerspray to the ground the building is being constructed on.

If you have any questions about the services we provide simply use the form below. We try and respond to all queries and comments within 24 hours.

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