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Mosquitoes are not only a nuisance – they can carry life-threatening diseases to you, your family, and your pets. The Zika virus, West Nile virus, and heartworm are all mosquito-borne diseases found here in the United States. When it comes to mosquito control, much like any other pests, prevention is key.

How We Can Help

To treat for mosquitoes, we’ll first inspect for potential breeding sites and make suggestions on how to eliminate them.

Then we’ll mist an environmentally friendly pesticide onto the bushes and trees surrounding the home.

Mosquitoes search for a blood meal at night, then rest underneath leaves during the day. This is when the pesticide takes effect.

The treatment lasts 3-4 weeks, reducing the amount of mosquitoes in your yard by at least 85%. The treatment prevents fleas, ticks, and many other common outdoor pests as well.

Ask about our organic treatments for your garden!

things we will look for

Mosquitoes breed in standing water. Even something as small as a thimble full of water can host their larvae. Here are a few things we will look for that might be collecting water, making them potential breeding locations:

• Tires, buckets, wagons and other toys.

• Water in pet food bowls, ponds, and bird baths.

• Dirty gutters

• Leaky hoses


Mosquitoes are covered under our Home Protection Program


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