Chemical Treatment

If you’ve identified that there are bed bugs in your home, you should treat as soon as possible. The longer you wait for treatment, the tougher it gets to eradicate the infestation. We offer two treatment options – a chemical treatment and a heat treatment.

You do not have to throw away any furniture or mattresses. Everything is treatable! If you choose to throw anything away due to soiling from bed bug feces or blood spotting, we suggest waiting until you’re sure the infestation is wiped out and to mark furniture as “DON’T TAKE” or destroy it so that it is not usable.

Our chemical treatment consists of a spray to the mattresses, box springs, all soft furniture, in and around outlets, and baseboards. The treatment will be focused on the living areas and bedrooms, as it is unlikely that bed bugs will be found in areas like the kitchen or bathroom. They like to stay as close to your resting places as possible.

Any people and pets will have to leave the home for at least 4 hours after treatment. Treatment itself takes 30 minutes to one hour. When you’ve returned, the furniture and mattresses may be a little damp, but they are safe to sit or sleep on as normal.

It is important to understand the sprayed chemical does not land directly on the bed bugs and immediately kill them. Bed bugs are a lot smarter than we give them credit for and know when something dangerous is in front of them. We have to dilute the chemical to a certain rate that they will not detect, then they’ll unknowingly walk over the chemical when they come out to feed at night. Afterward, they go back into hiding and lick their feet to clean them, ingesting the chemical.

As eggs hatch over the next 6-10 days, the new bed bugs will do the same. The chemical only stays active for about two weeks. If you are still experiencing bites or seeing bugs after two weeks, call us back out to respray. We provide free resprays for 90 days.

Preparing for a Chemical Treatment

(Download a PDF version here)

Remove all linens from beds and set mattresses and box springs on their sides.

Launder bedding and clothing, especially those that are on the floor, on the highest heat setting. Clean clothes hanging up or in drawers do not need to be washed or moved.

After washing clothing and bedding, seal them in trash bags and leave them in the kitchen or bathroom.

Remove all clutter from the floors.

Clear closet floors and shelving.

Pull furniture about 6 inches away from baseboards.

Remove light switch and outlet covers.