Bed Bug Solutions

Bed Bugs are more than an annoyance; they can cause serious health problems. These pests feed on human blood at night and can be found in homes, hotels, apartments, and hospitals. Bed bug bites are small, white to red hard welts that are incredibly itchy and may scar if scratched.

These tiny pests hide in small crevices and often hitchhike in luggage, furniture, clothing, and boxes. Used furniture such as mattresses and bed frames are among their favorite places to live. Bed bugs are hard to find in the beginning of an infestation, and even more difficult to completely eliminate from your home or business without professional help.

Bed Bug Treatment Options

• Offers 95% success rate on the 1st application

• Requires 4-6 hours – (unit/home can be re-entered 4 hours after treatment is complete)

• Starts at $700

• 60 day free call back

• Offers 75% success rate on the 1st application

• Requires 30 minutes to 2 hours – (unit/home can be re-entered after 4 hours)

• Starts at $399

• Automatic call backs